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Meet Sara Holland

Hi, I'm Sara Holland the owner and director of Kids' Sports Zone and Growing Tree Yoga, LLC. I received my M.Ed. in Motor Learning from the University of Virginia. I also hold a B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in child development from the University of Kansas.

I have spent the last 20 years encouraging and developing young athletes in various capacities. I have been a teacher, a coach, and for the last 12 years I have been the owner of Growing Tree Yoga, LLC/Kids' Sports Zone.

I have spent time as an assistant softball coach at 3 different Division I institutions; Yale University, UVA, and TX Tech. I currently run a team comprised of an elite group of softball athletes, the 18U CT Legends Softball organization. We are a high academic team. I have helped many athletes reach the next level of play.

What I believe...

I believe youth sports should be fun. And they should be based on teaching character and the fundamental skills of the sport.

I believe teams become teams by bringing each person up. I believe parents, coaches, and communities are a large part of this conversation.

I believe that positive energy lifts individuals and groups to become their best self.

I believe you can learn things on the sports field about yourself that cannot be taught anywhere else.

Our camp coaches

Maura Keary

Maura Keary

Quinn Wayno

Quinn Wayno


Gillian Birk



My 3 and 5 year old have both been through Sara's classes and camp. She easily engages kids of all abilities, making sports fun, while teaching fundamentals. Even my daughter, who was not initially interested in sports, quickly looked forward to classes and loves to see Coach Sara.
– Kristen Good, Fairfield County, CT


All three of our children were lucky enough to attend Tot n Play camp. She seamlessly marries the easy, breezy fun of a low key beach day with structured sports and games. She builds a like minded staff of positive, happy counselors who love kids and youth development. Each and every day is different with varied programming. Kids literally run from the car to start their day. Smiles and laughter abound.
– Nicole Dodge, Westport, CT


My son Jack started with Sara Holland's camp at Burying Hill right when he turned 3 years old. He was a bit apprehensive his first day and was clinging to me. Sara and her"coaches" came right over and were absolutely amazing in engaging with Jack and making him excited for camp. They gave him a "special job" that morning, which was to set up the fishing rods for the other campers. Shortly thereafter he hardly knew that I existed and said "Mom, you can go now." At the end of his first day he begged to go back, and each morning his coaches continued to make him feel special and empowered to take on the day. They are truly top-tier individuals with an amazing leader, Sara, at the helm. We have been in multiple other sports and activities across Westport, and I have never seen a better run, enriching camp and group of people than what Sara provides each summer.
– Caitlin Burke, Westport, CT


Since my twin girls were 2 years old, Sara (and her team) have been absolutely amazing with them, in everything from Multi-sports after-school classes, gym classes at their preschool, summer camp, and now softball practices through Westport Little League Sara makes every kid feel welcome, and no matter their skill level, their comfort, or their familiarity with what they're doing, she brings them in and makes them feel welcome! She has like a kid whisperer thing going on! We love everything Sara does - and so do the kids! – Melissa Post, Westport, CT

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